Tutorial: Create stunning HTML5 Flipbooks with 1stflip Flipbook Creator

1stflip Flipbook Creator

For those looking to create wonderful e-books or digital flipbooks the 1stflip Flipbook Creator is the very best tool to use.  The 1stflip Flipbook Creator allows you to take a PDF file and turn it into a digital flipbook.  You can create animated flip page magazines, flyers, brochures or an interactive photo album.  You can even jazz up your static presentations turning them into something more appealing and modern.

Just Like Flipping and Reading trough a Real Book

The great thing about using the 1stflip Flipbook Creator is that everything you create looks and feels like a real book.  This is important for so many reasons and the entire creation process is simple.  Once you have your PDF files in order, you can convert them into HTML5 or Flash; and when these files are ready you can easily upload them onto your 1stflip server.

What is more, there is a host of amazing devices that reads flipbooks including tablets, desktops and laptops and mobile devices.  Devices which run with an Android or Apple Operating System can find they too are able to read the flipbooks.  Screen size doesn’t matter either as all devices, no matter the screen size are able to view the flipbook.  You have the ability to create an offline version of the online flipbook which can become available in ZIP or HTML format.  The 1stflip Flipbook Creator basically allows readers the chance to take flipbooks wherever they go which is very impressive and crucial for your business marketing campaigns.

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Key Features with the 1stflip Flipbook Creator

First and foremost the 1stflip Flipbook Creator comes with a multi-lingual platform.  Readers can switch to their preferred language which could potentially be an effective way of putting a clear message out.  However, this is can an important way to draw in more visitors from around the world.

Probably one of the best features to come with the 1stflip Flipbook Creator is the one-click upload feature.  This feature does what it promises; one click and your flipbooks can be uploaded to the 1stflip server in seconds.  The 1stflip Flipbook Creator has also a second one-click system to share the flipbook on social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook.

Flipbooks Are Easy To Create

The way you are able to view a PDF file is totally altered with the 1stflip Flipbook Creator.  You can take a static PDF file and turn it into a fully-fledged interactive piece of art.  The flipbook can be fully customized; this means the background art can be altered and the images and soundtracks can be customized to suit the theme of the flipbook.  You don’t have to create a template and let’s face it if you don’t have the time or know-how, it’s a nightmare; however with the endless templates to choose from you can make your flipbook yours.

You can customize the zoom features, the thumbnails and add language preferences as well.  There is no end in sight to what you can do.  The best thing of all, businesses can absolutely see an upsurge in advertising and marketing with flipbooks.  The 1stflip Flipbook Creator will help your business create stunning flipbooks without expensive bills or the need to hire a web designer.

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